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All You Need To Know About StartRite International

Startrite International Organization is one of the greatest organization which seeks to ensure the association of people can bring much financial relief. The founders believe no one is born poor and poverty is a mindset. We usually perceive ourselves to be poor because of lack of basic necessities.


Startrite International Organization believes we are interdependent and any association we form must promote our way of living. The founders believe they have been there before and must therefore use their experience to promote the wellbeing of others through the creation of employment and financial freedom.

Startrite International Organization team leaders have been in networking business for so many years and have observed how many people loose huge capital through investments. They conducted many researches on how people can continue to benefit with a minimal amount through group organization and this gave birth to Startrite International Organization.

Startrite International Organization is therefore a pure multi-level marketing network established with the desire to make the individual member meet their basic necessities in life and also attain financial stability.

The matrix structure is 2 x 2 for starter stage and 2 x 3 for the rest of the stages. This means that at the starter stage all you need is to register only two people with each member referring two each, making six down lines. This will automatically promote you to stage 1 (Bronze).

From stage 1 (Bronze) to stage 5 (Diamond), all you need is to work with your team to ensure your first 14 down lines (7 on left and 7 on right) get to your current stage in order to be promoted to the next stage. The flexible compensation plan with spill over matrix and spill under matrix effect helps member to progress through the stages faster. The following are the stages; Starter stage, Stage 1 – Bronze, Stage 2 – Silver, Stage 3 – Gold, Stage 4 – Platinum and Stage 5 – Diamond.

Team work is very critical in the progress of members that is why you have to join the right team. Startrite Pioneer Team One is proven to be the best with support and coaching from up liners. The team uses innovative ways to get more down lines and distribute accordingly to benefit all members of the team. Contact the team leader now on 0249-405392 (Ignatus) for more details and registration or visit our website   

Registration is sixty Ghana cedis and a one-time payment. No selling of goods, no autoship, no renewal fees or hidden charges. After registration you start earning from referring your family and friends to join the network.

The bonuses can be used for shopping on the website which will be delivered to you at your doorstep. The organization is in partnership with Kikuu Ghana limited which will do all the deliveries. You can also withdraw part of your bonus as cash through mobile money right from stage one. The items in the shop include women’s fashion, men’s fashion, kids fashion, kitchen wares and electronics. You can even send pictures and descriptions of items you like to the country director to upload on the site so you can use your bonus to purchase. The bonuses include direct registration bonuses, matrix bonus, stage progression bonuses and amazing awards given after completing each stage.

You can do self-registration by sending your registration fee of sixty Ghana cedis to 0558669856 (country director – Ernest Okyere) to buy e-pin for registration. Then visit the website; then select member and click on registration to fill out the form, use “ignatus” as the sponsor. Just after registration you get a dedicated web page dashboard where you can manage your account. The dashboard works on all android phones, iphones, ipads and computers and very user friendly.


Join startrite today and enjoy a good start to life! Get interactive on facebook, whatsapp and telegram by joining our pages. Or call or whatsApp Pioneer Team One Leader on 0249405392 for expert advice and details of registration.





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