6 Emotional Text Messages You Should Never Send To Your Ex

Emotional Text Messages You Should Never Send To Your Ex
Emotional Text Messages You Should Never Send To Your Ex

he world’s population is more than enough to satisfy your desires, nevertheless getting over someone you used to love so much can be very difficult. Don’t try to act desperate though, this will only massage his ego and make him raise the bars higher. Instead, collect your broken self and be strong for the sake of your unknown future love life. If you did not leave each other on a peaceful note, don’t dare be like;

1.I miss you soo much.


Ooh really, what do you miss? His shoes ama? Sometimes women tend to forget what they have been through and end up feeling merciful to their past partners. Look, you have no business together, why provoke the long forgotten memories?


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2.You so far from me.

It’s not like you were brought in this world to stick around each other’s side forever. People come and go. Unfortunately, he is one of the many. The fact that he is far away from you means that you can never be close to each other. Can’t you read between the lines?

3. You still mean a lot to me.

How on earth? Is he still hugging you, spending time with you or talking you out of your problems? Girl, stop those illusions and get it in your head that he means nothing to you despite the fact that you once shared a past. It’s high time you erase him from your heart and give space for another man


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4. Please come back to me.

Lol, come back to break your heart for the second time? Don’t be foolish. Of course, he moved on with another lady, probably happy and satisfied with her new relationship. Do you really want to imagine the extremes of his new affair? You better not, so stick to yourself.


5. I hope you still think about us.

Whether he thinks about you or not, why should you bother? It was over between you two, you cannot change that. Let him think about his new girlfriend while you think about your crush. Do you want to look back at a broken past?


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6. I wish you could give me one more chance.

Second chances are allowed. But if she broke your heart, please don’t force yourself on her again because for the second time she might terribly disappoint you. There are more Beyonces out there. Brother, look ahead, the future is bright.


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