Photos+audio: Osofo Maame Nketia slaps Pastor during Church service today.

Pastor’s wife’s
Pastor’s wife’s

Members of the Heirs church at Bubuashie in Accra had the shock of their lives when wife of their late pastor disrupted service on Sunday.



Wife of late Rev George Akwasi Nketia claimed her husband willed the church to her thus no one including the pastors have no right to run the church.

Adom News’ Isaac Amoako who witnessed the scene reported that, a pastor was delivering a sermon when Mrs. Nketia and her children stormed the church accusing all pastors of treating them unfairly.


Mrs. Nketia speaking to a church member


Efforts by the church leadership to calm the aggrieved wife and children proved futile as they claimed they are now the new owners.


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But for the intervention of a CID officer who ordered them out and closed the church, Isaac said the situation could have been bloody.

Explaining the church’s position, Secretary, Kwame Wereko said the widow of their late pastor is acting out of emotions.

He said though the late Rev. Nketia had served the church for the past 13 years, he does not own the church.


“The church was built with the hard earned monies of church members; Rev. Nketia did not contribute a penny so he cannot will it to his wife” he opined.

Osofo Maame attacking a pastor

Mr. Wereko maintained that, the decision by Osofo Maame Nketia to disrupt church service is borne out of malice.


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“She brought other pastors outside the church to ordain her pastor which is against the rule of the church. There is no way we will hand over the church to her; it’s not her husband’s property” he added.



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