Another p2p Broken Heart !!! GhMatrix collapses, thousands lose millions of Ghana Cedis

GhMatrix collapses, thousands lose millions of Ghana Cedis,


A good number of Ghanaians seem not to have learnt any lesson from the ‘tragedy’ they suffered early this year, when the millions of Cedis they invested in a Ponzi scheme called Money Mining,paysetcash,snap earn,Binategh,Diamondcash, etc



Well for your information GhMatrix, one of the popular Ponzi scheme that came after the death of Money mining, snap earn, paysetcash, myjointcashgh,etc has collapsed.

The site disappeared into thin air with thousands of investors losing money to the scammers behind the scheme.

The Programmers of Ghmatrix writes,


We are deeply sorry to inform you all that GhMatrix would shutdown today due to inactive participants, members not recycling and the slow registration process which has affected the people awaiting payment.

We know lots of you have benefited and some has lost from the platform which is the nature of p2p. And we have also been having negative comments from bad and greedy admins that have tarnish the image of GhMatrix. We the programmers have tried our best to keep the platform going without support from the admins and we have come to a conculsion to shutdown the site because we can longer bear the complaints and we cant keep piling up members on the system when Gh time is unpredictable.

Thank you all for your support.


Our checks also indicates that the Ponzi scheme must have reached the mathematical wall when the number of people putting money into the scam is less than the number bringing money in.

By estimate, more than 1,000 people must have hundreds of lost millions of Ghana cedis to Ghmatrix scammers whom up till now are faceless and they cannot be identified.

Very similar to its other bedfellows, Ghmatrix is currently telling its investors that it has shout down business.

There is no doubt that Ghmatrix is owned by a Ghanaian. A search on shows that over 98% of its visitors are from Ghana.

To disguise their identities, the owners of the scam made sure they hide their details by setting the domain registration to private. 

The lifespan of Ghmatrix is also very short as the site was only registered in February 2018 “Creation Date: 2018-02-18 ”. 


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