Peer to Peer Investment !! How GhMatrix works


How GhMatrix works

GhMatrix is a financial platform that aims at providing top-level investment opportunities for investors. It was designed by professionals and financial analysts to help bring financial aid to the community and drive growth to the community… GhMatrix follows a staging process where you are required to start from the lowest level before moving to a higher level.

How it works

You register, add your payment method details and pay your 15Ghc activation fee to your referrer. After registration, you would be assigned to pay a member who would then confirm your payment and you become viable to receive payment also.


How long do i have to wait before i get paid?

You get paid in 48 hours

Do i need referrals to get paid?

No, but if you refer you get 15Ghc

Can i have multiple account?

Yes but if you default in any, all account would be suspended.

How do i get paid?

You donate to a member at your will in the first stage, and once your payment has been confirmed by that member, the system will automatically assign you to 2 people who are willing to pay you. On receival of complete payment, you move to the next stage.

I was not activated after donating to a member

If for no reason you were not activated after donating, contact us at by sending a scanned copy of the bank teller and we would investigate the issue.

I was not paid by the person that was assigned to me

If you wait for 6 hours and your downline did not pay you, the system will automatically remove and block the person and assign another to you.


  • Payment timeframe is within 6 hours
  • Make sure you confirm from your bank before confirming a member donation and the 15Ghc activation fee
  • You must have an enable mobile banking app /Mobile money
  • Fake payment proof is strictly prohibited
  • Two(2) days recycling policy to avoid account termination
  • Ghmatrix website closes at 7pm everyday and opens 9am the next day to enable the admins do re-matching and also make sure non serious people are remove from the system.
  • You cant register unless you do so through the link below.
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But sadly Ghmatrix has also collapse.




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