List Of Ghanaian Universities With Most Beautiful Ladies

Ghanaian Universities With Most Beautiful Ladies
Ghanaian Universities With Most Beautiful Ladies

List Of Ghanaian Universities With Most Beautiful Ladies,

Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way however the beauty lies in the hands of the beholder. That being said, when it comes to the universities with the most beautiful girls, I think we can all agree that each university has girls with different qualities that make them beautiful.

Clearly, most universities, even accredited online universities, have beautiful girls. These pretty girls a certain enthusiasm for any university, complement the architecture and the general scenery.
The 2018  Ghana universities with Most Attractive Girls ranking is based on reviews from students and alumni. 

1. University of Ghana

There is no better description of beauty and pride. They know they have it so they flaunt it. The girls in Legon will dazzle you with their integrity and level of maturity.

 Students from Legon are noted to take part in all beauty pageants in the country and most of the beauty queens in Ghana today are products of the University of Ghana.

The main reason Legon has the most beautiful girls is that most of their courses are only pursued by beautiful girls. You can’t be ugly and pursue journalism/Communication Studies unless you intend to be jobless forever.


2.Ghana Institute of Journalism

Popular degree courses here include journalism and communication, international relations and marketing. All these courses require petite girls, whose first impression will boost the brand of a company.

What is funny about the university, if a parent is not financially stable he cannot take his child there.  Aside from that you will notice elegance and class among most of the girls as majority treat themselves like royalty regardless of the social status they fall under.

3.  Ashesi University

Personally, I have loved my experience at Ashesi University. When describing AU girls, there are just those you can’t leave out in a list like this.


4. Wisconsin International University College

Dopiest girls ever. Drama free and so chilled. The girls you will find in the Wisconsin International University College are simple, always composed and super chilled out. Not only are they beautiful and good company, they definitely turn up the place.

5. Central University College

For every 3 CUC girls you meet on the road, two are beautiful, which is an achievement.

6.Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology ,KNUST

The ego at the university is big enough to attract beautiful girls. Due to a wide variety of courses at KNUST and the fact that it’s situated at the Garden city, it has some of the most beautiful girls in Ghana.



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