How To Know She Is a ‘Runs Girl’ Without Meeting Her In Person

Things Ghana Campus Ladies do That Really Irritate Men
How To Know She Is a ‘Runs Girl’ Without Meeting Her In Person

How To Know She Is a ‘Runs Girl’ Without Meeting Her In Person,

1.  Her online picture centers less on her facial beauty, she focuses more on showing to the world her feminine possession and endowment: hips, hot body, boobs etc.



2. Her profile pictures do not in anyway ‘synergies’ with the various locations as portrayed in the pictures: some of the pictures conspicuously show her in different room locations and arrangement (only those with critical pictural* analysis can spot this).


3. When you add her as a friend on Facebook or other social network, it will take her nothing less than 30 minutes to reply your message. (This shows that many clients are lined up online), and even when she replies you, her reply sometimes is a let down from your painstakingly written introduction.

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4. When you tell her you are interested in her and you would love to be her friend, she goes like, “Friend as in, what do you want?”. Some of them after accepting your friend request would simply reply to your numerous questions with this sentences: Instagram – ‘What is your desire?’ BBM – ‘What do you want from me?’ Facebook – ‘What can you offer?’ and on it goes…


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5. She only gives you little attention when you lie to her that you work with some of the well known and respected companies and business brands in Ghana.


6.When you try to see how naughty she can be by sending her le-wd and raw messages, she simply replies your message with this, ’till you come’.


7. She is a sleeping devourer who only gets awakened and alerted by money and all the good things that come with it.



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