Popular Phrases Used On Social Media and their Meaning

Popular Phrases Used On Social Media and their Meaning,

Have you ever sat down to think to yourself how some words came to being?

Talking of phrases, on social media. You probably have come across a certain phrase, used it without knowing what it really means. Here are some of the meanings of popular phrases on social media.


F – mostly used in Whatsapp Africa Facebook group to mean following 
Nkt – not taken kindly
Smh-shaking my head


LOL – Laughing out loud

WYD – What You Doing

AF–  As fuck

WTF – Generally stands for ‘What the fuck

GOAT – Greatest Of All Time

Goals– A phrase used between humans state that one possesses things (be it fitness, food, relationship, etc) that they hugely want for themselves. Normally accompanied with a hashtag.

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Lit – When something is amazing.

Savage – someone who does not care about the Consequences of his or her actions.

Trash – Used to mean men also used as a self-deprecating term for being a general mess and worthless person

Woke – To be fully aware of current events and the world around them.
TBH – To be honest

pseudo – fake account/parody

fff – used in Instagram to mean follow for follow

Ben10 – flirting with young men.

DM- telling someone to message you privately

ROTFL– rolling on the floor laughing

IMO – in my opinion

Zero chill/ no chill – being extremely reckless

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FOMO: Fear of Missing Out



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low-key – to keep something low key: to not announce it.
DH – Dear husband
Asap –as soon as possible.
NVM – never mind
NBD – no big deal
MYOB – mind your own business
LMK – let me know
KK – cool okay
JK – just kidding,
BRB – be right back
TYT – take your time.
TTYL – talk to you later
Lmao – laugh my ass off
RN – right now
#FF – follow Friday.
#fbf – flash back Friday.
NSFW– not safe for work

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