TV shows in Ghana that made some Ghanaians Celebrities

Top TV shows in Ghana that made some Ghanaian’s Celebrities

TV shows in Ghana that made some Ghanaians Celebrities,


But they did not only make us happy, they also made household names out of many of the cast members and we have rounded up some of these actors and the shows they were in.


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Things We Do For Love

In the early 2000s, this TV series was one of the hottest and most watched. The adventures of Pusher, BB, Dede, Shaker, Enyonam and others made for some interesting viewing.

It also launched the acting careers of Adjetey Annang who played the lead role of Pusher, Majid Michel (Shaker) and Jackie Appiah who was Enyonam and Vincent Macauley who played Max.

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver, which followed the exploits of Master Richard, his nephew Aboagye and other taxi drivers at his station, was one of the funniest during its days on TV.

Although the titular character Mikki Osei Berko was known as a radio presenter and occasional actor, this was the series that launched him into proper stardom and even led to him starring in another popular series, Dada Boat.

Host of Pundits on GHOne, George Quaye played his smart nephew, Aboagye and Psalm Adjeteyfio also featured prominently while a lot of guest actors also passed through.

Ultimate Paradise

Who can forget this soap which captured the attention of audiences in the 90s? It had exciting storylines, an attractive cast and of course the English and acting were impeccable. It also gave us stars Rama Brew, Michelle Attoh, Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu, Kwami Sefa Kayi among others.

Sun City

It hit our screens in 2003 and set on a university campus, filled with as many escapades and comedic moments, it was not surprising that it became so popular. This series also brought actors like Van Vicker, Ecow Smith-Asante, Gavivina Tamakloe, Benjamin Kwadey, OJ Blaq and the late Suzzy Williams.

TV Theatre

The TV Theatre series was very popular with a diverse cast, relatable story lines and of course it was very educative as it tackled various themes. We were introduced to Jagger Pee (Abeiku Nyame), Daavi (Albert Kuvodu), Abeiku Acquah, Adwoa Pee and other names

Inspector Bediako

Call it Ghana’s very own CSI and NCIS and you wouldn’t be far from right. A pioneer in its time, Inspector Bediako used suspense like nobody’s business as the titular character and his team of investigators tried to solve mysterious incidents.

The show gave us Oscar Provencal, who played the lead role and Akosua Abdallah who also had a great career on the stage.


Efiewura was so funny, story lines sometimes bordered on the ridiculous but its compound house setting and its use of the local language was what drew people to it. It also launched the careers of actors like Gloria Osei Sarfo and the late Katawere.


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