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UPDATE: What is SnapEarn? How it works, and How to register Snap Earn

SnapEarn is a friendly peer to peer financial system where members first help each other and in turn get rewarded with twice {100% Bonus} of what ever amount of help you provide as reward. 

How Does SnapEarn Works 


When you become a member

1. You are given free time to pledge GHC100 to GHC1000.

2. You are matched to another registered member


3. You send your pledge amount to matched member into his/her mobile money wallet. Please call the matched person to confirm wallet number and name. Ask the person confirm your transaction on the Snap Earn app.


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4. Within 3 days another member is matched to you so you are given your 100% bonus and pledge. For example, if you pledge GHC 100, you receive GHC 200 in return within 3days.


5. If your peer doesn’t send you the donation report so she/he will be removed for new person to be matched to you.


How to Sign Up for SnapEarn


==> Visit google play store  and search for SNAPEARN .

==> Download the app and install it.

==> launch the app

==> sign up with User Name and choose password

==> Enter phone number and Detail for notification and payment

==> Click on pledge so that you are matched to another member

*After payment you will be merged with two people to pay you back within 3days after sending your pledge money.


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