Breman J.H.S HEADMASTER Tape : Mr. Robert Sepey doing the the Dustin with the 16 year Old Student, Sir please ‘Let it touch my heart’ VIDEO


The headmaster accused of entering  his student is called Robert Sepey and from what we know, this is not the first time Mr. Sepey is been accused of choping students tonga.

He is the headteacher of Breman Edumanu D/A Basic School in Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District of the C/R


According to sources from the village, the headmaster and his teachers have been accused on countless number of times for entering the students tonga but they always deny and demand evidence until now.

Mr Robert has run out from the town after being exposed in the læaked tape, how ever GES has asked him to report back to his classroom.

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The chief of the Town, Nana Asare Bediako in an interview with Onua Fm confirmed the incident and said the police are now searching for the headmaster.

The Bout:

This what happened, The young girl wore see blue beads numbering 4-5 and her white chokoto were pulled down to the thigh level.

The headmaster also wore old three quarters shorts pulled to the kneel level and was firing from the back #Doggy

Mr, Robert Sepey the headmaster was clearly recording the whole sh*t intentionally with his china phone,

The 4 minutes 12 seconds video started of with the school girl kneeling on a kitchen chair with both of her hands on the floor making it good for the headmaster to fire the tonga.

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That is not easy but the girl was doing just that perfectly.

She was mincing words as she moaned, it was not clear but you could hear her say OMG, omg every now and then. After three minutes in the hot f*k, she took one of her long legs off the kitchen stool to change the doggy style while Mr. Robert Sepey adjust the phone camera to get the full view of the wet pussy.



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