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Earnit Ghana – How Earnit App Works

Earnit is a  peer to peer online financial support community that gives you 100 % bonus on all your pledges within 10 days after donation.

It aims to build a transparent stable and self sustaining peer to – peer donation community where it’s members benefit financially.


Earnit has two strong products ; peer to peer donation and a digital product ( CREDITS or CRTs) as its security for longevity.

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How Doe It Works 

When you become a member 

1. You are given free 200 credit  to pledge GHC100. 

2. You are matched to another registered member

3. You send your pledge of  GHC 100 to matched member into his/her mobile money wallet. Please call the matched person to confirm wallet number and name. Ask the person confirm your transaction on the earnit app. 

4. Within 7 days another member is matched to you so you are given your 100% bonus and pledge. For example, if you pledge GHC 100, you receive GHC 200 in return within 10days.

5. If you want to pledge again you must purchase credit 200 CRTs worth GHC 20 from the earnit app. 

6. If your peer doesn’t send you the donation report so she/he will be removed for new person to be matched to you.
How Do I Sign Up

==> Visit google play store  and search for EARNIT.

==> Download the app and install it.
==> launch the app 
==> Click on continue with facebook  so you could sign up
==> Enter phone number for notification and payment
==> Click on pledge so that you are matched to another member

 NOTE: The money you donate goes to your peers,  not EARNIT platform.

NB – You are advised to participate in any peer to peer network with your spare money




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