Things Ghanaian Men Look For Before Dating any Lady

4 Important Things Ghanaian Men Look For Before Dating any Lady

4 Important Things Ghanaian Men Look For Before Dating any Lady,


We live in a Country where women with voluptuous hips and Moesha Budong’s bum are the talk of the town. Men like to praise and adore them like goddesses’ straight outta Mars.


These girls are the big thing when it comes to attractiveness and seduction but the  crazy thing is, in as much as guys would drool over such ladies, when it comes to serious dating, guys will always go for that lady who is proportional.

Forget big boobs and big booties, here are things that men look at in a woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with and build a family.

Things Ghanaian Men Look For Before Dating any Lady

1. Beauty with brains

No one wants to date a dumb Big ass, a dunderhead to be precise. A woman who is good at what she does is quite a charm to men. To a man being a bright woman implies independence, you won’t have to use half your hard-earned salary to make things work out for you two. When it comes to beauty, it’s a relative term depending on a man’s taste and preferences. Thing is, your girl has to be attractive physically. She also has to be beautiful inside and not some Jezebel.


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2. Positive tribalism

It’s kinda rooted in our DNA as Ghanaians. Some guys prefer to date within their tribe, to preserve their culture. Other men will prefer dating or marrying from specific tribes because of what they are known for.

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3. Flexibility

Men are jealous creatures, they want it all to themselves in a dominating way, which is quite a nature that women totally understand. When it comes to bedroom matters, a man would like his woman flexible.

He would carry her to bed with easy, and try all the positions in this world without having to strain too much. They can have fun even in the tinniest space in the room, without hurting each other. For that major reason, men tend to go for average ladies as compared to big ones because they want to have a good time.

4. Public image

Flaunting a girl with big curves will definitely arouse the eyes of Kwame Asiedu. Which is a positive thing because all this time. But with time, insecurity will creep in. You might start fearing for the worst, that one day she will be snatched away from you. Literally you won’t be at peace and there is so much pressure. Big women are associated with ratchetness. A man would love to keep a decent woman.


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