Best Investment Opportunities in Ghana for the Youth

Best Investment Opportunities in Ghana
Best Investment Opportunities in Ghana
Best Investment Opportunities in Ghana,
Being a broke youth  is one hell of a time as you have to carve out for mischievous ways to get money from family and friends. Youths mostly graduates out here in Ghana are busy walking from office to office, dropping their CVs and walking in and out of interview rooms with no positive news.
Look, you can do better than chase after white collar jobs which will end up making you a slave to your decision.
You can as well look at other jobs outside the office, which pay very well and which you can be the Boss.
Below are some of the best investment opportunities in Ghana that the youth should embrace.
1. Opening An Entertainment Center: 
Most small towns in Ghana do not have decent and affordable entertainment centres. By opening an entertainment outlet where people will host parties, events at a fee and having a refreshing parlor inside will obviously work.
2. Starting a Writing Blog:  Some Ghanaians are familiar with writing for websites, especially campus students and graduates. Writing websites pay well, especially if the owners are aggressive writers.Youths can start a writing blog and do online jobs for their clients at an agreed fee.
3. Opening A Gaming Centre :
Many Ghanaians are gamers, that means gaming centers are always full and sometimes fully booked. Youths can save and buy gaming appliances, look for a strategic location and set up a gaming center. Campus students like gaming and setting a play station outside the campus gate will be a just perfect catch.
4. Venturing Into Wholesale Business:
Opening a wholesale business does not seem as hard as it sounds. All that’s is required is a starting capital  and a house with a store where you will be running your business from. Selling goods like sugar, rice, pampers, sweets, cereals all in bulk and in wholesale price won’t disappoint because as we all know, there are many tertiary businessmen who require goods in bulk to go and sell.
5. Investing In The Stock Market Look, investing in The Ghana Securities Exchange (GSE) isn’t for the rich and mighty in Ghana. There are shares as cheap as GHC100.00 which you can buy in bulk and sit back and watch as your money grows though this is not a guarantee as the economy is unstable nowadays on a light note, the stock market is one of the best investment opportunity.
6. Venturing Into Agriculture:
Agriculture is the backbone of Ghana and with the increase in food insecurity, smart farming is the only savior to an already troubled agricultural sector. Youths venturing into agriculture can go further into green housing as they allow one to farm all the year despite the weather, with accurate and huge returns.
7. Car washing Business:
Car washing is not just a business for everybody…actually many people have car washes but they don’t really satisfy the demands of their customers. Car washing business requires a dedicated and trained team who will serve all the specialized washing demands of clients and leave them with a smile on their faces.
8. Starting a Daycare Business:
There are many youths out there who love taking care of kids…why don’t you just make money out of it then? On the other hand, there are many working mothers who can’t go with their kids to work and require someone to take care of them but can’t employ a nanny. Now that’s where you come in handy. All you need is a spacious room(s) with a collection of gaming/playing apparatus for kids.
9. Cleaning Services
There is a major deficit in cleaning sector where the providers of cleaning services are way low than the clients hence venturing into the cleaning sector either commercial or residential cleaning. This one requires you to work in groups of around 5 to 10 and also for a start the money needed to buying cleaning equipment cannot be raised by one person hence a group will work perfectly here.
10. Fruit Vending and Juice Production business
Many Ghanaians prefer taking Rawley blended and prepared juice to other industrial made juices full of additives. Starting a fruit vending and a juice production business and setting it up in a strategic place will obviously make a good sale.
Other investment opportunities stated above might require more cash than you may have but you can simply form a group of around 5-10 people and raise the money, start the business of your choice and share the profit, or if you want to go alone, banks offer loans, go for a loan and start that business…it’s that simple.



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