Fastest Growing Economies In Africa
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List Of 10 Fastest Growing Economies In Africa

Fastest Growing Economies In Africa

According to World Banks’ latest edition of Global Economic Prospect, Ethiopia is the fastest growing economy in Africa.


Reports states that Ethiopians’ 8.3% GDP growth comes from it’s massive spending on infrastructure. Tanzania is second with 7.2% GDP Growth. Tanzania growth is as a result of gold production and tourism. Tanzania’s economy is also run on banking,energy,telecommunication mining and agriculture.

Djibouti is third with GDP of 7%.

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The list below are the Fastest Growing Economies In Africa according to World Bank.

COUNTRY                                              GDP GROWTH

Ethiopia 8.3%
Tanzania 7.3%
Djibouti 7.0%
Ivory Coast 6.8%
Senegal 6.7%
Burkina Faso 6.1%
Ghana 6.1%
Rwanda 6.0%
Benin 5.5%
Kenya 5.5%


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